Draft Program Schedule

The Food Landscape & Challenges of Today

Thursday January 28th, 2020

Session 1: What are the Implications of COVID-19 on Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and Food Security Rates?

Session 2: The Food Landscape & COVID-19

Session 3: Dietary Guidelines & COVID-19

Nutrition & Mental Health

Thursday February 4th, 2020

Session 1: Nutritional Psychiatry

Session 2: Social Media's Influence on Eating Behaviours and Body Image. What is the Research Saying?

Session 3: COVID-19, Stress & Weight

Anti-Racism & Representation

Thursday February 11th, 2020

Session 1: Why Representation Matters

Session 2: Racial Health Inequity & Systemic Racism in Health

Session 3: How Settlers can Connect & Understand Indigenous ways of Knowing

Check back soon for program details!

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