Program Overview

This year’s forum will explore the shifts that will be required in eating habits and food choices in order to benefit the health of current and future generations as well as the health of our planet.


The forum will explore what sustainable eating is from a food literacy perspective in order to help health professionals, educators, service providers, and other stakeholders understand how to clearly convey evidence-based messaging and accessible strategies around sustainable eating to their audiences.


We will also be exploring the needed shifts on a broader systems level to better empower individuals to follow a healthy and sustainable eating pattern in their communities.

Forum Objectives           


  • Bring together players in the area of sustainable eating to facilitate networking, collaboration and information sharing

  • Share the latest research on sustainable eating

  • Explore the implications of research for practice

  • Showcase innovative programs and initiatives related to sustainable eating

  • Share resources and tools to promote sustainable eating in various areas of practice

  • Facilitate youth engagement as ambassadors for sustainable choices


Forum Themes   

You can look forward to the following topics on November 14th and take a closer look at our preliminary program here


What is Sustainable Eating? 

What needs to shift at the individual, societal, and industry level? 

How can registered dietitians and other health professionals help lead this shift? 

How can we create change through effective collaboration? 

What does sustainable food and farming look like in Ontario? 

How can we put sustainable food on the menu? 

What are the links between diet patterns, food literacy, and food waste? 


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