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Unpacking Food Literacy: Innovation. Collaboration. Evidence. Action








Increasing food literacy is an important health promotion strategy to enable healthy eating and may help reduce the burden of obesity and chronic disease. Growing concerns about unhealthy eating habits, including consuming too many processed food and beverages and the lack of food literacy in children, youth and adults has inspired the theme for our annual forum this year to focus on "Unpacking Food Literacy".

Click here to read our 2018 Forum e-Book, featuring all the day's highlights!



Should We Mind: Why Nutrition Matters for Mental Health









The link between mental health and nutrition is in-demand in the nutrition world, and this event addresses the gap for more knowledge, training and awareness on the link between nutrition and mental health. 

Recordings are available here


Healthy Eating in Today's Food Environment . . . Is It Possible?












We live in a challenging food environment. Unhealthy food is everywhere: in our local supermarkets, our children's schools, our workplaces, restaurants, and entertainment venues. These foods are often cheaper, more accessible and attractive than healthier options. Eating a healthy diet can be an uphill struggle for many Canadians in such an environment. Can this be changed? Can we create healthier food environments? How can we promote healthy eating among the public and our clients?

The Nutrition Resource Centre held a forum on May 11, 2016 to explore how we can help the public navigate the current food environment and transform it to promote healthy eating. Click here to read our 2016 Forum e-Book, featuring all the day's highlights!


"Eat Less, Eat Better"...Is It That Simple? Rethinking Our Message About Healthy Eating and Obesity




Hosted by the Ontario Public Health Association's Nutrition Resource Centre and held in conjunction with the 4th Canadian Obesity Summit, this one-day event explored how health promotion and nutrition professionals can enhance healthy eating and obesity messaging. Participants learned how the culturally diverse beliefs and perceptions about food and weight in Ontario, the influence of the food environment on eating behaviors and obesity risk, and the multi-factorial nature of obesity should inform obesity messaging. Through presentations from leading obesity and nutrition experts and engaging discussions and debate, participants were challenged to critically rethink conventional strategies for communicating about healthy eating and obesity to the public.

Over 180 participants joined the NRC for a day of thought-provoking presentations and engagement with leading experts. Click here to read our 2015 Forum e-Book, featuring all the day's highlights!

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